Question: Do I need a partner?

Answer: Nope! You sign up as an individual and play with 9 different partners throughout the tournament

Question: How long is the tournament?

Answer: You can expect to play for just over 4 hours.

Question: If I finish in the bottom of the Main Draw, do I automatically fall into the Qualifier?

Answer: Not necessarily. While a low finish will increase your odds of dropping into the Qualifier, it is all dependent on the rankings of every other player signed for each tournament. We do not automatically drop players into the Qualifier though.

Question: If I qualify, do I still need to sign up and pay for the next event?

Answer: Yes, even if you earn a qualifying bid into the Main Draw, you still need to submit a registration form and pay for the next event.

Question: Can I bring a snack in if I play in the morning shift?

Answer: No, since we are a full restaurant and sell food in the morning, we do not allow any outside food, no exceptions.

Question: Can I come watch if I am not playing?

Answer: Yes of course! We have a full bar and restaurant as well so come down and enjoy the volleyball. We sometimes need a sub to fill in so you even be asked to play!

Question: If I can only make some of the tournament, can I just play part of my shift?

Answer: Definitely not. For the tournament format to work, you need to stay for all 3 rounds and 9 games. If you need to leave half way through, please do not even sign up.

Question: Do I need a membership to play in the 2024-2025 King/Queen of the Beach Series?

Answer: Yes! Starting in the 2024-2025 season, all participants will be required to have a VOTR Gold Level Membership. That membership can be purchased here.