Colorado Winter Beach Volleyball Series 2021-2022

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Welcome to the Colorado Winter Beach Series Website. In 2007, one of the local players approached us with an idea: why not try to create a winter beach tournament series that combines ranking elements of the PGA and ATP with the King and Queen of Need Description Text For This Imagethe Beach formats used in Volleyball. The Colorado Winter Beach Series was created in 2008 and provides format that allows up and coming players a chance to "cut their teeth" with Colorado's top tier players, while rewarding the better players with a chunk of cash at the end of the winter. In 2012 a third "qualifier" shift was added to accommodate up and coming players or players looking to compete at the BB/B level all season long.


The key components include:

Sign up individually; you don't need a partner.
Lots of play: 9 games per tourney beats an "uno/dos" or 1 to 25 bracket play.
Doesn't take all day…sessions will run ~4 - 4.5 hours~.
Includes a Meal: $5 Island/Oasis Food Vouchers (valid tourney day only)
Prizes for individual events (Balls and Coupons)
Prize money at the end of the winter…$15,000!!!
Increase participation by pulling new players in to the "scene".
Pass the torch…create an environment for the established players to encourage, teach, and beat up on the next generation.
Feed some egos by establishing winter rankings for players.
Get winter touches: challenge yourself and improve your game.
Flexibility: by taking your top 5 finishes, you can miss 2 tourneys.

Get in the game, play nice, and be relentless!

We will host 7 King/Queen of the Beach events this winter with the top players receiving cash and prizes based on their points at the end of the season. It is a great way to keep in shape, challenge yourself, find new partner pairings and see where you stack up against the local talent!

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Upcoming Events

2018/2019 Schedule is posted. Click on Schedule to get all 7 events.

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