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Queen of the Beach #7 Top 24 Finals Invitational - April 13th @ The Oasis 12:30pm
Queen of the Beach #7 Next 24 Finals - April 6th @ The Oasis 8:00am
Queen of the Beach #7 QualiFinale - April 6th @ The Oasis 5:00pm



King of the Beach #7 Top 24 Finals Invitational - April 13th @ The Oasis 8:00am
King of the Beach #7 Next 24 Finals - April 6th @ The Oasis 12:30pm
King of the Beach #7 QualiFinale - April 13th @ The Oasis 5:00pm


Registrations can also be submitted at The Island from the Forms Wall near the bar. 


Confirm Registrations on Entrants Page.


Signing Up:

Registration Forms are available at The Island, The Oasis, and on this site and must be turned in to the Island. Ranked participants with registrations submitted by noon, Monday prior to an event, will get the 48 main draw spots based on current power ranking (not grand prix points). The top 8 spots in the Qualifier will also be guaranteed by rank as well. The next 16-20 spots entered in the qualifier and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Players will be notified of acceptance and start times before Monday 5:00pm. Entrants are listed on the site which is updated daily. Money will be run on the Monday before the event as well. Registrations without payment will not be accepted.

Multiple Shifts:

99% of the time there will be three shifts of play (2 Main Draw + Qualifier). Players will need to be able to play any shift. We will attempt to accommodate shift preferences for players with unavoidable conflicts if we can still maintain the integrity of the seeding. Final results of multiple shifts will be combined to create overall results and point distribution. Please see the points page to understand how points will be distributed.

End Of Season Invitational:

The final event of the season will be an invitational for the top 24 players (based on grand prix points) with a second tournament for players ranked 25th or lower, based on grand prix points. Double points are awarded for this event, allowing players to move up in the standings if they have a solid finish. Players with a power rank of 1st - 20th, will not be eligible for the lower invitational.

Cancellations and No Shows:

No shows or cancellations cause major inconveniences to the tournament director and participants. All cancellations must be made and confirmed with The Island prior to event. Please see rules section for more info.

Monday Prior before 12pm: Full Refund
Wednesday Prior before 12pm: $15 refund
After 12pm on Wednesday: No Refund + possible ban from future tourneys.

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