Entrants List


All payments must be paid in full upon receipt. Registrations should be filled out online, emailed, faxed, mailed or delivered with payment to:

The Island
2233 South Geneva Street
Denver, CO 80247
Fax: 303.745.1937 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entries are not guaranteed.

The top 56 players (48 Main Draw & 8 Qualifier) in POWER Rank (not total points) have priority until noon Monday prior to the tourney. The 2016/2017 series will once again have a qualifier to get into each event typically at 5pm (some will be 8:00am this season) for players ranked outside the top 48. The top 4 from each of these qualifier events get a birth into the next events top 48 draw. Qualifiers will have their own prizes including main draw berths.

Queen Event #4 January 5th @ The Island (Main Draw) & The Oasis (Qualifier) (Updated 11/26 @ 3:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.) 


Amber Lacy


Amy Hart


Angela Chen


Caitlin Weaver


Carrie Blair


Desireé Hudson


Donna Pekas


Dustina Bitten


Elizabeth Ortega


Erin Martin


Georgia Beck


Grace Andrews


Janine Lemcke


Jazmine Tran


Jen Brink


Jennifer Corron


Jenny Chang


Jewel LIndstrom


June Sander


Kaitlin Thompson


Karena Stephens


Kate Sparks


Katie Martin


Kayla Berning


keri Eichinger


Kj Buckingham


Mary Silbert


Maya Howearth


Meghan Brown


Michelle Callaghan


Michelle Kissler


Myriah Vandre


Nichole Thibodeaux


Rebecca Stephens


Rjinda Tree-Mangan


Stacy Long


Stella Bristol


Stephanie Rothman


Tatiana Finkelsteyn


Whitney Armistead



8:00am Main Draw -
12:30pm Main Draw -
5:00pm Qualifier -


King Event #3 December 8th @ The Oasis (Updated 12/03 @ 12:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.) 



8:00am Main Draw -

Brad Johnson

Bryce Walsh

Dan Zibton

Dane LeBlanc

David Luongo

Dominic Di Sano

Frank Socha

Hayden Ahlbrandt

Ian Gilliland

Jeff Bunge

Jon Connelly

Josh Orblom

Jurgen Koenig

Kevin Johnson

Matthew Gordon

Nathan Yang

Owen Roberts

Phillip Mott

Royce Wenning

Ryan Bachtell

Sean Davies

Ty Coutts

Ty Peterson

Vernon Nelson

12:30pm Main Draw -

Andrew Miller

Benjamin Schweitzer

Bryan Klein

Carlos Lopez

Chris Jackson

Jason Downs

Jeff Houghton

Jeffrey Ekegren

Justin Brown

Kenn Kelly

Kenny Nelson

Kevin Cadena

Kevin Noleen

Kirill Kniazev

Mason Chevron

Michael Groselle

Nathan Adams

Nathan Martin

Sam Lambert

Scott Peterson

Solomon Flowers

Tanner Lauringson

Wade Bass

William Gersch

5:00pm Qualifier -

Ben Tomlinson

Brandon Haley

Brody Coxen

Daniel Medina

Daniel Rakestraw

Darci Olave

Dave Marshall

David Norman

Derek Campbell

Devin Vuong

Erik Boller

Grant Rackov

Izaak Brink

Jack Buckingham

Jeff Hoover

Kendall J Gregory-McGhee

Kevin Wagstaff

Kiel Henderson

Marc Pisha

Mark Mangan

Matthew Boney

Matthew McDaniel

Matthew Moskow

Phil Nazarenus

Robb Reck

Scott Raymond

Sean Carlson

Vaughn Ramsey


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