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All payments must be paid in full upon receipt. Registrations should be emailed, faxed, mailed or delivered with payment to:

The Island
2233 South Geneva Street
Denver, CO 80247
Fax: 303.745.1937 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entries are not guaranteed.

The top 56 players (48 Main Draw & 8 Qualifier) in POWER Rank (not total points) have priority until noon Monday prior to the tourney. The 2016/2017 series will once again have a qualifier to get into each event typically at 5pm (some will be 8:00am this season) for players ranked outside the top 48. The top 4 from each of these qualifier events get a birth into the next events top 48 draw. Qualifiers will have their own prizes including main draw berths.

Queen Event #5 February 2017 @ The Oasis (Updated 2/20 5:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.) 

Alexis Nicholls

Amy Starosta

Angie Toman

Ashley Haga

Ashley Lyon

Ashley Wiggins

Bri Zimlich

Caitlin Leahy

Chassity Ross

Crystal Carey

Donna Pekas

Elizabeth Mollman

Erin Lockwood

Erin Rossiter

Franice Rakiec

Gina Engbarth

Gina Ross

Jamie Lynch

Janine Castillo

Jennifer Brink

Jeri Kissinger

Jewel Lindstrom

June Sander

Kalisha Phaiboun

Kara Bobbitt

Kelsey Gilliland

Lacey Benton

Lauren Smith

Lauren Tyner

Lysa Sychla

Mailie Medina

Mary Parsons

Myriah Vandre

Nichole Wilson

Nicole Jansing

Rachel Leistikow

Rebecca Stephens

Robyn Knowlan

Sara Martin

Sarah Field

Sarah Wright

Sherri Boxberger

Sherrie Engelken

Stashia Taylor

Stephanie Rothman

Sue Bauman

Sumiko Carter

Summer Mrotek

Taynin Abbott




8:00am   -
12:30pm -
5:00pm Qualifier -


King Event #6 March 11th 2017 @ The Oasis (Updated 2/20 12:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.)



8:00am Qualifier-
12:30pm -
5:00pm   -


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