Entrants List


All payments must be paid in full upon receipt. Registrations should be filled out online, emailed, faxed, mailed or delivered with payment to:

The Island
2233 South Geneva Street
Denver, CO 80247
Fax: 303.745.1937 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entries are not guaranteed.

The top 56 players (48 Main Draw & 8 Qualifier) in POWER Rank (not total points) have priority until noon Monday prior to the tourney. The 2016/2017 series will once again have a qualifier to get into each event typically at 5pm (some will be 8:00am this season) for players ranked outside the top 48. The top 4 from each of these qualifier events get a birth into the next events top 48 draw. Qualifiers will have their own prizes including main draw berths.

Queen Event #4 January 7th @ The Island (Main Draw) & The Oasis (Qualifier) (Updated 12/13 @ 3:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.) 

Amanda Duran

Amber Lacy

Andrea Duerksen

Angela Chen

Ashley Haga

Ashley Lyon

Bella Brown

Brooke Jordan

Carrie Blair

Cedar Glen Bellows

Chris Holmquist

Danielle Shylanski

Emily Brown

Gabby Brown

Gina Engbarth

Inna Doe

Jamie Tokarz

Jane Rauscher

Janira Pacheco

Jem Cannu

Jennifer Brink

Jeri Kissinger

Karena Stephens

Keri Peterson

Kristin Petty

Lacey Benton

Leandra Ritter

Lisa Tupy

Madeline Marr

Mailie Medina

Marianne Graham

Mary Parsons

Mary Silbert

Mayoura Phannadeth

Megan Sorenson

Michelle Kissler

Monica Godina

Nichole Thibodeaux

Rebecca Stephens

Sara Martin

Sofia Parisi

Sophie Kathol

Stella Bristol

Summer Mrotek

Syd Shell



8:00am  -
12:30pm -
5:00PM Qualifier -


King Event #4 January 13th @ The Oasis (Updated 12/12 @ 3:00pm)

(All entrants combined and sorted alpha by first name.)

Chris Jackson

David B Smithers

Jeremy Ochoa

Joel Haywood

Justin Brown

Mark Joseph

Nathan Adams

Solomon Flowers

Vaughn Ramsey


8:00am -
12:30pm -
5:00PM Qualifier -


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